PMKC 2015

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2015/07/12 09:00:00

The theme of this year’s edition is the slogan “GAME – Be SMART live with passion“. Given that in recent years games of all kinds (not just computer) have become a very strong medium of reaching a wide group of people came to the conclusion that this time and we will use them to convey something to children. 🙂

By providing various forms of gaming and the potential opportunity to create their own, we want to teach children how, coupled with project management techniques, they can actively create the reality around them, and not just its customers. 🙂

We want to encourage our students to independently decipher the abbreviation SMART and to understand the importance of passion and know yourself in everything we do. We hope to infect them with a passion for us and our guests, and thus to stay longer in their lives. 🙂

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