We are a group of volunteers of PMI organization, fascinated by the decree of projects and minds full of ideas.

We want to give children a holiday which never had and show them that their future is a project of the present… We hope that with your help we can help fulfill their dreams of normalcy small!

Agnieszka Krogulec

Originator/project sponsor

The originator, initiator and project mentor. She is int the PMI Poland Chapter for several years, currently Member of the Board. Volunteers. Professionally involved in project management. She is head of design at the National Clearing House SA. Fascinated by people, mountain, forest, traveling and dancing. Passionate about personal development, coaching and mentoring.

Monika Podkowińska

Project Manager

Energy draws on exotic travels, meetings with interesting people, cycling and skiing. Professionally bound to project management. Active member of the Project Management Institute, Project.

Urszula Żelazko

Program Team Leader


Urszula loves classical music. She works as a Project Manager and alumni of the Studenckiego Koła Naukowego Zarządzania Projektami SGH where she successfully went all the way from team member to president. She is a trainer at Altkom Akademia. Ula is an experienced camp warden which will help her while taking care of the kids during the camp.

Joanna Wakluk

Program Team member

Joanna is a Portugal passionate. She is a psychologist and socio-cultural animator. Asia gained and practiced her skills while organising many festivals, preparing Euro 2012 and Erasmus Student Network. She loves working in multicultural environments. She also coordinates the film team.

Marek Chojnowski

Członek Zespołu Program

An experienced engineer, has contributed to the development monocrystalline. Author of many nonordinary ones events, workshops and training for doctors and pharmacists. Holds a certificate PRINCE2 Foundation. He likes to learn about the history and secrets of fortifications and castles, madcap MTB marathons in the mountains feels like a mountain goat. Motto: “A wise man seeks aid in helping” ?

Izabela Górecka

Formalities Team Leader


Teacher – andragog; worked for human resource development especially with the employees. She is a fan of yoga and all those traveling both close and distant. In her spare he loves to photograph. Her motto: “Everything good is illegal, immoral or makes you fat”

Katarzyna Wójcik

Formalities Team member

Kasia is a chemist but she has very strange hobby in her spare time, namely she explores the woods with a rifle and takes her jeep into the wilderness. She is a formality team member

Sylwia Sobczak

Integration Team Leader


Sylwia loves Italian culture and cuisine exploring them on a daily basis. She is found of travelling, discovering new places, cultures and people. She is an economist. Apart from being Leader she also takes part in communication and fundraising as well as she deals with the integration of the project team.

Grzegorz Mędrek

Communication Team Leader


He has been a volunteer in PMI since 2012 Initially he supported PMI teams in reporting to the Board (he created and regularly updated the dashboard), and later he assumed the role of the PM in „Volunteer of the year 2012″ competition. On a daily basis he manages projects in area of digital marketing for the CEC&SEE countries in Eli Lilly Company.

Anna Czerska-Buczkowska

Communication Team member

Anna successfully managed another voluntary project which lead to finalising the concept of the National Centre for Premature Infants at Premature infants Foundation. She was also involved in organising of numerous events for the kids. She works and deals with Capital Market Risk. Ania graduated from UW at Management Department. She is a happy mom and wife who loves spontaneous excursions and long travelling. Her motto is: „Carpe Diem”.

Marcin Kosidłowski

Communication Team member

A few years ago I chose the path Project Manager and since then has consistently supported, coordinates or leads international outsourcing projects for a number of recognized clients in the aviation industry, auditing, IT or manufacturing. For several years associated with the Project Management Institute Poland Chapter, where he found many friends and mentors. It is believed that only continuous cooperation and willingness to develop their own and the people he works with will give you a chance getting better project management.

Michał Łupiński

Communication Team member

Michał has been professionally connected to social media since three years so far. Once, cleaning up the close with the projects he got interested in the project management. Exploring the idea led him to become part of the Project Management Kids Camp. His motto: ‚The only way to do it is to do it’.

Piotr Wieleba

Sponsoring Team Leader


Dariusz Sadowski

Sponsoring Team member

Doświadczony Kierownik Projektu z akredytacjami PMP, PRINCE2 i ITIL oraz pokaźną historią sukcesów w dostarczaniu projektów. Darek posiada wybitne zdolności zarządzania interesariuszami i bogate doświadczenie technologiczne i biznesowe z sektora finansowego. Nastawiony na rezultaty, zawsze pracuje ciężko, aby osiągnąć cele i oczekiwania interesariuszy. Darek specjalizuje się w doradztwie przy transformacjach funkcji IT i zmianach biznesowych z elementem IT. W swoim wolnym czasie Darek lubi podróżować, biegać i czytać książki.

Movie Team

Mariusz Gołoś

Member of the Movie Team (Screenplay and Direction)

Editor working for Polish Television. Creator and co-author of many reportages, current affairs, educational and social programmes. He keeps on aiming at new achievements and challenges, trying to change the world and find a place for him in it. He is very sensitive to human suffering, especially when it comes to kids. Mariusz cooperates with Instytut Matki i Dziecka in Warszawie.  He initiated a portal for kids which stimulates them to creative thinking, expressing their thoughts and emotions thru filming and creating reportages. Mariusz shares his passion with kids as he claims that dreams can change the world. During camp he will be supervising all the steps of film creation.

Marta Malinowska


Marta is both theatre ( at Teatr Studio, Teatr Konsekwentny , Dreambody & Theatre ) and movies actress ( Fenomen, Wojna męsko-żeńska, Ogród Luizy). Graduated from Akademia Teatralna in Warsaw. She has been participating in the psychology classes (specialising in using psychological tools for acting) at Szkoła Psychologii Procesu „Poza Centrum”. Marta graduated from: Studium Psychologii procesu, Studium Pracy  z Relacjami oraz Coaching Psychologii Zorientowanej na Proces. She specializes at art coachingu and she coaches both actors and directors. She also leads theatre workshops for kids. Since 2011 she has been co-creating process theatre with Joanna Dulińska and Michał Duda.

Agnieszka Kawiorska


Agnieszka is an actress graduated from PWST in Krakow. Her debut was at the Teatr Stary in Krakow in 2004. She also appeared at Teatr Ludowy in Kraków. She has been an actress since 10 years so far who appeared in many TV and cinema productions, namely: „Katyn” by Andrzej Wajda. She is also recognised by wider audience from the TV series such as: „Pierwsza Miłość”, „Barwy Szczęścia”, „Na Wspólnej” and many more.

Paweł Ferens


Paweł graduated from Lart Studio and PWST in Wroclaw. He appears at Teatr Współczesny and Teatr Muzyczny Capitol in Wroclaw. He has performed in many productions such as: Na Wspólnej, Plebania, 39 i pół, Glina, Prosto w serce, Głęboka Woda. His movie debut was at Jacek Lusiński’s „Piksele”. Furthermore, Pawel also participated in Jan Komas’ Sala samobójców, Mała Moskwa by Waldemar Krzystek, Wymyk by Grega Zglińskiego and in Sęp by Eugeniusz Korin lately. Pawel also likes working with young directors such as: Czerwona woda by Rafał Woźniak or Nocny Portier by Paulina Nurkowska. He is perceived as a tough guy with a complicated personality in his performance, however, he is very sensitive though eccentric person in private.  Paweł loves motor bikes, martial arts, rock, movies and theatre.

Bartosz Karcz

Member of the Movie Team (Operator)

He is 35, graduated from Akademia Filmu i Telewizji in Warsaw, speciality: Camera Operator Art and Flying Camera Operator used in special effects capturing. He is licensed drones operator and pilot.

Katarzyna Świecińska

Member of the Movie Team (Makeup)

Certified makeup artist and characterization professional. graduated from Państwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych and Wyższa Szkoła Charakteryzacji Teatralno-filmowej. She leads workshops about masculinity and makeup for women.

Agata Król

Member of the Movie Team (Makeup)

Certified makeup artist and characterization professional. Graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Artystyczna. She mainly deals with makeups  for music videos, photo sessions and fashion shows and commercials.

Creativity Workshops

Dorota Krasnodębska-Wnorowska

Trainer and coach for kids

As thick as thieves with the creativity Dorota is taking part in: cooperation of Kreatyfki – project by means of which she develops and strengthens creative attitudes among kids and teens. She promotes ideas of amplifying creative way of living at any age and place in the world. Dorota is an author of the Provocative Strategy Method that enables creative thinking in the process of strategic thinking. Dorota implements strategic thinking in many fields and she develops communication strategies for many brands:(Procter&Gamble: BLEND-A-MED), KTR (Amnesty International, Polska Akcja Humanitarna), Effie (launching Blue Connect). She worked for: Bre Bank, Netia, DB Schenker, Era Biznes, Blue Connect, AXA, Wedel, Pampers, Olay, Lenor, Vizir, Visa International, Provident, Carrefour, Ving, Polska Akcja Humanitarna, RWE Stoen, and she started her career at: Publicis, Nader, Saatchi&Saatchi. She believes that every single human beeing has vast potential and because of that, as a trainer and coach of the creative provocation, inspires people to seeking for creative potential  in themselves. Dorota leads her own trainings that include: creativity, communication and its strategy, solving conflicts, time and change management. As she says, her biggest inspiration are her kids – Jas and Marysia, and they have been daily inspiration for improving her own creativity. Amatour actress that makes her dreams come true by delivering shows for kids.

Marta Bara

Trainer and coach for kids

Marta is a master in looking at the project from different angles and cocreator of Kreatyfki – project that aims at strengthening and developing positive attitudes among kids and teens. So far she has led numerous programes for educational institutions, namely: Ośrodek Pomocy i Edukacji Psychologicznej INTRA, Szkoła Trenerów Biznesu INTRA, Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej, Szkoła Wyższa Finansów iZarządzania, Świetlica socjoterapeutyczna Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Dzieci, Studium Wokalno-Aktorskiego as well as primary and secondary schools in Warsaw. Strengths and talents of people are the basis for Marta’s everyday work. She masters at coaching talents and strengths by means of her own Mapping Talents Method and she supports people in educational and professional choices. Coauthor of the course „Mentoring rozwojowy i zarządzanie wiedzą” for Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska. Marta has delivered over 440 hours of talents coaching, life-coaching, business- coaching, mentoring for trainers PMs as well as psychological consultations. She specializes in developing skills and competences of the trainers, and is experienced in training and developing of trainers, therapists and coaches (projekts „train the trainer“). Marta is gifted when it comes to merging many environments in projects and she is mentor for leaders and project teams at SWAT association, actively cooperating between NGO and business sectors.

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