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Become a PMKC volunteer! 🙂

The PMKC initiative receives tonnes of support from volunteers coming from various companies and organisations supporting the PMI Warsaw Branch. The project’s success is made possible mainly through the financial and material support from individuals and socially aware enterprises.

We are looking for Volunteers who would like to participate as a leader or a team member supporting in one of the 5 areas

  • Communication – ( FB and webpage updates, media contact, copyrighting)
  • Sponsoring – (funds gathering, working with sponsors)
  • Programme – (devising the schedule and curriculum for the kids including the project management elements)
  • Integration – (event organisation)
  • Formalities – (creating official forms, preparing and managing documentation)

Agnieszka Krogulec

Originator and project mentor
I am interested in volunteering in PMKC! 🙂

Join one of the PMKC Teams! 🙂

Communication Team

  • Manages and updates the webpage and FB fanpage
  • Prepares promo materials (posters, leaflets, brochures)
  • Contacts the media
  • Writes articles
  • Communicates with the stakeholders
  • Looks for patrons
  • Creates diplomas, certificates , thank you letters
  • Organises after-camp meet-ups
  • Organises events for volunteers – integration meetings, workshops, tranings
  • Sends out invitations to volunteers, sponsors, partners

Sponsoring Team

  • Finds sponsors and partners
  • Prepares offers
  • Works closely with sponsors and partners
  • Informs about the signed contracts/deals
  • Organises events for sponsors and partners
  • Looks for various means of fundraising

Programme Team

  • Looks for interesting people to lead the workshops
  • Buys the crucial materials
  • Checks and supervises, if everything runs according to schedule
  • Makes sure the schedule is followed and carries out the PM classes for kids

Integration Team

  • Creates a camp program for children
  • Finds interesting people to run workshops
  • Buys the necessary materials
  • It checks and ensures that scheduled activities are scheduled on schedule
  • He implements the camp program, runs child project management activities –
  • each camp has its own theme

Formalities Team

  • Gathers the required documentation
  • Drafts contracts
  • Manages insurance
  • Stores documentation relating to the kids and everything concerning the polish law

Become a PMKC volunteer! 🙂

Taking part in the PMKC as a volunteer is a great opportunity to not only develop your skills as a project manager but also your leadership skills, managing conflicts and difficult situations. It is also a chance to organise an event, work with other companies and organisations, cooperating with the media. Finally, it also allows to network with many awesome people, who love to share their knowledge and experience, all while helping others.

Joanna Szcześniak

Wicedyrektor ds. Programów i Wydarzeń

Dorota Olczy

Zastępca Kierownika Projektu

Jan Potoczek

Kierownik Projektu

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