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About the PMKC initiative

Project Management Kids Camp is an initiative designed to organise a 2-week summer camp for kids from orphanages and low-income families. Everything is supervised and organised by the Project Management Institute’s Warsaw Branch.

Apart from a multitude of physical activities, the camp sets out to show the kids the different aspects of project management, which will help them function in society better in the future. The curriculum focuses on communication, working in a team, along with creative and critical thinking. The theme of the first edition, taking place in 2014, has been “Creating a movie, from the ground up”. The project made it possible for the kids to expand various skills and broaden their horizon.

Non-profit organization

Please remember – we are a non-profit organisation, created by volunteers eager to help the kids. By supporting PMKC, you support the children. You help us shape the future of the youngest members of society. You also support project thinking and mindset. Such skills will be crucial for them when entering adulthood and will also help with their professional life.

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